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Many wedding gowns will need some form of alteration in order for you to have that ‘perfect fit’ on the day.

It will help you to get that done without adding to your ‘stress’, if you remember the following tips:

  • Timing is vital - Give yourself time to get it right for the day. Too early and it may not fit on the day (you may gain or lose weight after it is done)
    Bring it in too late and you will be in rush – But don’t panic -
    we will always come to your rescue! No bride has ever left us unhappy.
  • Shoes/Undergarments/ Accessories – bring in your shoes or some of the same
    height – you don’t want to trip up on the day!
    Wearing your undergarments and accessories will give us your
    ‘total’ look when deciding on the alterations necessary
  • Bridesmaids - Help them to organise their own appointment – they can come
    at times to suit them.
  • What alterations can we do? – We can do any alteration needed to make your
    gown fit and we have the years of experience to know what is
    needed, even with the most complex designs. We can work with
    any fabric and can alter dresses to fit different sizes –it is always
    better to buy a dress that is too big rather than too small to give
    more options.
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The Groom may want his trousers altered, sleeves shortening, jacket taken in or his waistcoat altered.

We can do any alteration required.

Remember the advice about timing and shoes – it applies to him too!


We can alter any bridemaids dresses in any style or material.

Give them the advice about shoes and timing. They change can change shape too. There may be several dresses for us to alter for the same day so try to give us enough time if possible. We will always respond to an emergency and never let you down.

Bride’s Mother and Mother-in-law

This is their special day too and they want to look great on those photos. Well-fitted clothes will be part of making that happen.

We can do all alterations needed by all family members. Please remind them too about timing and shoes.


Different fabrics and the style of the gown will alter the degree of difficulty in making the alteration.

At the first visit, we will look at what alterations are needed and give you our views of how that can best be done. We will then give you a quotation and you can decide if you would like us to undertake this work for you.

We can assure you that our prices are extremely competitive and we know that you will be completely happy with your final fit.